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The Department of Education’s FOIA Log.

On February 12, 2018, NSLDN submitted a FOIA request seeking a more detailed version of the Department’s FOIA Request Status log, including the following information: (i) requester name; (ii) requester organization; (iii) request description; (iv) received date; and (v) request status. The request also sought information about the Department’s decisions on expedited processing requests under FOIA since 2015.

On March 15, 2018, the Department provided a response containing: (i) an “Expedited” FOIA

Log for FY 2015 to a portion of FY 2018; (ii) FOIA logs for FY 2015-2017 and (iii) the FOIA Log for 9/01/2017 through 01/25/2018.

A copy of the NSLDN FOIA is available here

A copy of the Department’s letter in response to the FOIA is available here

The documents produced by the Department in response to the FOIA:

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