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Democracy Journal Features Student Defense Proposals on Future of Enforcement

Democracy Journal published a special symposium on the future of enforcement in a Biden administration, featuring an article by Student Defense President Aaron Ament, and Vice President Dan Zibel. The article, “Higher Ed: Protect Students from Predatory Colleges,” explores how the next Secretary of Education can reinvigorate enforcement against predatory colleges and protect the next generation of students.

“Higher Ed: Protect Students from Predatory Colleges” is available here.

The piece argues that the Department of Education must ensure that student protections are an important component of every decision made by Federal Student Aid. The Department must work with, and not against, state Attorneys General who share a mission to protect students. And it must ensure that its investigatory and enforcement teams have the resources and leadership necessary to fulfill this mission.

The Democracy Journal symposium features a number of articles on reimagining enforcement at other federal agencies, including the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Read the whole symposium at Democracy Journal




Student Defense is a non-partisan, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that works, through litigation and advocacy, to advance students’ rights to educational opportunity and to ensure that higher education provides a launching point for economic mobility.

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