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Biden-Harris Administration Can Enact Real Student Protections Without Congress

WASHINGTON, DC – The incoming administration can take immediate steps to improve protections for students in higher education, without Congressional action. Over the past two months, Student Defense has laid out its 100 Day Docket initiative, identifying opportunities for the next Secretary of Education to strengthen enforcement efforts and take administrative actions to protect students. These proposals, which have already garnered public support from senators and state attorneys general, include exercising underused authorities in the Higher Education Act to foster equity, implementing stronger protections for students, identifying new pathways to student loan relief, and bringing accountability to predatory colleges and other actors.

“After four years of neglect and mismanagement by Secretary DeVos, we have an exciting opportunity for real change at the Department of Education,” said Student Defense President Aaron Ament.

Student Defense’s 100 Day Docket initiative seeks to identify opportunities where the next administration will have the power to take immediate actions to deliver tangible benefits for millions of student loan borrowers, and to reinvigorate the Department’s enforcement powers to stamp out predatory colleges.

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100 Day Docket proposals ready for immediate implementation include:

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